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Bike Guy Cob Rear Light (Heart/Circle)

posted May 18, 2016, 10:58 PM by Cyril Borromeo

Bike Guy Cob Rear Light (Heart/Circle) 

SRP: P1,000.00

The Most Advanced Design & The High-Performance

Fits Seat-post and Aero Seat-post

*easily mounted by velcro straps

*2 sizes velcro straps included

*easily switch on(off) with a gloved hand


Bulb COB Red LED

Run time Constant mode (72 hrs)

Flash mode (84 hrs)

Brightness 20 lumen

Attachable size dia. 20-64mm, cifcumference up to 200mm 

Size 35 x 51 x 53mm

Weight 25g(w/battery)

Battery CR2032 x 2 pcs