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Subic Audax Ride, 200KM

posted Jun 5, 2013, 8:32 PM by michael chiang   [ updated Sep 12, 2014, 3:19 AM ]

Rules with Audax ride

For those who will be doing the 200km Audax Brevet Ride on June 1, please see details below:

4:00am - onsite registration (lobby of Mango Valley 1 along Dewey St.)
5:00am - start of the 200km ride
8:35am - close of the 1st checkpoint (shell station at Cabangan)
11:58am - close of the 2nd checkpoint (turnaround point at Total Station in Masinloc)
6:00pm - close of the 200km Audax Ride

Things to do prior to the ride:
1) Read the Audax Ride Rules (see files section)
2) Have the proper bike lighting just in case you're still pedalling in the dark
3) Ensure you can be self-sufficient on the road with enough cash, your mobile phone, route map, cue sheet, inner tubes, repair kit, pump, food, energy bars, etc.
4) Take note of the cut-off time for each checkpoint
5) Relax and get plenty of rest

For your guidance, please see cue sheet and google earth map photo in the files section. I will NOT be distributing copies of these 2 documents prior to the ride anymore to save on paper (we need to do our share for the environment). If you need a copy of the cue sheet, please let me know in advance so we can provide you one. Please see the registration form (in the files section) for those who wish to submit prior to the ride via email (highly recommended). Please ensure you sign the document. There is a registration fee of Php 500 for the preparation costs, brevet cards and accreditation dues for Audax Club Parisien (ACP). For transparency, annual fees for accreditation was at 1,015 euros for 2012 and it was great to have the Philippines recognized as one of the countries that officially does long distance cycling!

I welcome all comments and suggestions to make this better. This is a non-profit ride with an unrestricted pace. You can go and ride at your own pace but be reminded that this is NOT A RACE. The important thing is to finish before the 13-hour cut-off (6:00pm). Try to find a group with a speed that you're comfortable with for the entire duration of the ride.

For those who will be in Subic the night before the ride, I will be at the lobby of Mango Valley hotel from 8pm-9pm on Friday for registration and any questions. Please take note of my mobile number for questions or any emergencies during the ride - 09175279732.

Additional Reminders:

1) This is a self-sufficient ride. However, you can have your special needs (food and drinks) put in the support vehicles on stand-by at the control points. Please bring these items during the registration on friday evening so we can facilitate properly. We are trying to avoid the rush on Saturday morning.

2) Distance may not be exactly 200km but we tried to create the best route for a 200km distance given the convenience of control point locations and road quality.

3) The terrain is 90-95% flat. The toughest climb would be near the turnaround point in the Masinloc area. It's not a long climb (perhaps under 2km) with a steepness % similar to Bugarin. If you've done the bike leg of the Subic International Triathlon, this is nothing. *wink*

4) Not in the cue sheet: you may pass through the Govic highway to avoid the busy town of Iba, Zambales.

5) The key to avoid bonking is to have the proper nutrition throughout the ride. Eat and hydrate accordingly.

6) Do not attack the hills. :) They may be short but remember that this is a 200km ride and you need to conserve for the distance. The key to enjoying this ride is to stay in your aerobic zone.

7) Again, THIS IS NOT A RACE. To enjoy the roads and the beautiful Zambales countryside, pedal at a comfortable speed that you can maintain for 200km. We will have a sweeper vehicle to ensure that everyone is accounted for. Besides, this ride is better treated as an endurance ride that will not only burn fat but will also nurture a friendly atmosphere. :)

Kindly forward this information to other interested participants. See you on June 1. Thank you!